Moderna Kerama” brand of JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. offers a wide range of ceramic tiles for kitchens, baths, and also for the floor in Retro style.

Retro style is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past.

Performing tiles in this style is a creation of decorative traditions of the past, patterns and drawings of the past time.

Uncomplicated decors will create a minimalistic interior, but will deprive it of a semantic void thanks to a riddle hidden behind the quaint decor of Retro.

This collection will be an excellent solution for creating a fabulous beautiful and unique interior. A rich assortment of the collection allows you to realize your fantasies – this includes more than ten decors and several color tones of the background tile. There is an opportunity to create a neutral design for any room in gray tones, or a warm home design in a red- ochreous color.

Also, due to the abundance of shades, it is possible to divide the different zones in the room, while retaining the unity in style. Decorative tile in the collection “Moderna Kerama” illustrates the whole variety of retro style, which introduces an interesting original color into the atmosphere of the room.

Bathroom tiles (Moderna Kerama)

Floor tiles (Moderna Kerama)

Kitchen Tiles (Moderna Kerama)