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JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. for the production of ceramic tiles is a modern enterprise, equipped with advanced technologies from the leading Italian manufacturer “SACMI” – the leader in the production of equipment for the ceramic industry. Using unique innovative developments, the enterprise constantly modernizes technological processes and production cycles, creating unique products.

Annually, we update the range of products. The birth of new collections occurs in the process of careful study of the trends of “ceramic fashion”, the experience of applying the latest technologies; tastes, preferences and expectations of buyers and the specifics of the modern market.

Today, ceramic tiles from JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. meet all the specifications of the world’s leading manufacturers in accordance with all specifications, and the variety of the product range allows customers to offer sophisticated design, modern and fashionable products of high quality.

Tiles for kitchen

Ceramic tiles are the most preferred material for finishing kitchen aprons and the kitchen as a whole. The choice of tiles during the repair work in the kitchen is often the second most important issue after the selection of kitchen furniture.

Practical and durable, ceramic tiles are resistant to heat, water and chemicals. The beautiful design will refresh and fill the classic interior with paints, and the stylized marble panels will create a feeling of pristine beauty and purity of nature.

A variety of colors in the catalog of JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. allows you to buy a tile harmoniously combined with any interiors: monochrome pastel or bright panels, mosaic panels, decors and curbs with ornate patterns. The sophistication of design can be emphasized not only by a palette of adjacent shades, but also by contrast. We have a tile, which will become the basis of the original decor or an additional element of the overall design of the kitchen space. Our specialists will help you to create a cosiness in the kitchen, which is guaranteed to give you a great mood!

Bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most attractive and popular finishing material for the bathroom.

Ceramic tiles for the bathroom, which has a low moisture absorption, a dense structure, does not undergo deformation, it is easily washed. Floor tiles in the bathroom should be matte or embossed, but not glossy, to prevent a person falling on a wet surface.

For bathroom walls it is better to buy a glazed, water repellent tile, the gloss of the surface is not only beautiful, it performs a mirror role, expanding the room.

Types of tiles, formats, colors, decors allow you to diversify the interior, make your bathroom original.

Pay attention to the location of the bathroom tiles on the walls. As practice shows, the horizontal position of ceramic tiles increases the space in width, and the vertical – in height. Your decision will depend on the configuration and parameters of the room and what you want.

Make your bathroom unique and flawless with ceramic tiles from JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd..

Floor tiles

Ceramic tiles for flooring are an indispensable material, especially for rooms with high humidity. Many types of floor tiles have the following advantages:

Strength. With observance of manufacturing technology and proper laying, such a tile withstands a load of 30 thousand tons per m2, which is 20 times higher than the strength of concrete.

Wear resistance. Due to its high strength, this tile is operated for 50 years without losing its original appearance. Such a tile is resistant to mechanical damage, it is almost impossible to split.

Moisture resistance and hygiene. Ceramic tiles are not exposed to moisture, grease, detergents, does not absorb extern odors, prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Fire resistance. It does not ignite when exposed to high temperatures, due to the high thermal conductivity it is widely used in the arrangement of the warm floor.

Ecological and hypoallergenic. The tile is made of clay, so it does not emit any toxins and does not cause allergic reactions.

A variety of design tiles. A variety of shapes, textures, sizes, a wide range of colors allow you to create an interior for every taste.

Practicality. Ceramic tile does not conduct electricity. It does not collect electrostatic charge, so the dust almost does not stick to it, it keeps the cleanliness for a long time.

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