Uzbek-Chinese Joint Venture began its activity in Uzbekistan

JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” officially started its activity in Uzbekistan in October 2015 and already provided 260 people with new jobs at the plant, 25 of them are employees of the Company’s office.

Today, the factory in the city of Fergana produces ceramic tiles of three brands – “Moderna Kerama”, “Belissimo” and “Thinkera”.

The production is fully equipped with modern equipment of the leading machine building company of Italy “SACMI”, which for decades has been the founder of all innovations in the ceramic industry. All products are made from high-quality raw materials and meet international standards.

The purpose of the enterprise is to provide customers with a wide range of quality collections of modern ceramic tiles. The assortment of produced tiles is presented in different styles and designs, including Retro style, mysteriously oriental style, fine antique style, colorful Arabic style, popular art deco style, modern and other styles.

From the day of its foundation in October 2015 and up to the present time, JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. has a good dynamic of the technical development.

For today the enterprise produces two kinds of a ceramic tile: floor 20х30 and facing tile 30х30.

At each stage of production, including packaging and shipping, control operations and measurements are provided, which are performed either by the automation, or by the factory laboratory, or by the technical control department.

JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd. is not going to stop, all the time expanding and modernizing production, increasing capacity, attracting new employees. Every year the company develops new types of products, expands their range and improves quality.

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