“Thinkera” brand launched a new model of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles – buy wholesale and retail in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

During repair works in the house, office or apartment, each of us faces the same problem: what material and plumbing to choose. Since the market offers a variety of building materials, it becomes very difficult for us to make the right choice. For this, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors and nuances. After all, ceramic tiles in Uzbekistan are available in a wide range, but what do you really need?

There is no doubt that ceramic tiles are the best material for finishing the kitchen and bath due to its properties: beautiful appearance, strength, ease of maintenance and reliability in operation.

Thinkera bathroom tile, of the joint Chinese-Uzbek Enterprise “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana”, is best suited for wall and floor covering of your bathroom and toilet. Made of high quality raw materials on Italian equipment “SACMI”, Thinkera ceramic tile guarantees durability for many years, and will also please you with its appearance, as the company attracts professional designers to work.

One of the latest models of ceramic tiles of Thinkera brand (No. 6029) is presented in an interesting design in the form of small cubes of blue shades arranged diagonally. Tiles visually increase the space of your room, as well as make you enjoy the charm of a pleasant moment.

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