About company

The Uzbek-Chinese Joint Venture “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd, has a factory in Fergana which produces ceramic tiles, is one of the leaders of the ceramic industry in Uzbekistan.


JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd develops and produces ceramic tiles on its own production sites for facing residential and public premises, bathrooms and kitchens.

The purpose of the enterprise is to provide customers with a wide range of quality collections of modern ceramic tiles.

From the day of its foundation in October 2015 and up to the present time, JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd has a good dynamic of the technical development.

To date, the company produces two types of ceramic tiles: floor 30×30 and facing tiles 20×30.

At each stage of production, including packaging and shipping, control operations and measurements are provided, which are performed either by the automation, or by the factory laboratory, or by the technical control department.


The production is fully equipped with modern equipment of the leading Italian manufacturing engineering company “SACMI”, which for decades has been the founder of all innovations in the ceramic industry. All products are made from high-quality raw materials and meet international standards.

JV “Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana” Ltd is not going to stop, but expanding and modernizing production all the time, increasing capacity. Each year the company develops new types of products, expands their range and improves quality.

Our Brands


Extraction of raw materials

For the production of tiles, JV Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana Ltd. uses the following materials, each of them performs a certain role in production.

  1. Quartz sand;
  2. Red sand;
  3. Yellow kaolin;
  4. Glaze and Frit.


Ceramic materials and products are obtained from clay masses by molding and subsequent burning. Ceramic products due to their physical and mechanical properties (moisture resistance, fire resistance, waterproofness, high strength, durability), hygiene, high decorative and artistic qualities, economy, as well as a large distribution of raw materials for their production in nature are widely used in the construction of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures.

Logistics AND TRADE

JV Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana LLC, being a manufacturer in Fergana, exports its products all over Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.

Developing and expanding the trading network, we strive to create the most comfortable and effective conditions for our customers and partners, help to better know the products of Moderna Ceramic Industries Ferghana, the specifics of its use, to find new ideas and make the right choice.